Friday, November 7, 2008

End One-Party Rule of the News Media

The Corrupt Media

In order for our nation to succeed and prosper, the democratic process requires a well-informed electorate.

Because of their liberal political bias, most of the news media has long been subservient to the Democrat Party. For those media, the coverage leading up to the November 2008 elections completely abandoned even a semblance of fair reporting. The corrupt media misled and misinformed millions of voters during the months preceding the 2008 primaries and elections. Their flagrant disregard for providing fair-and-balanced reporting (as a part of a more comprehensive Chicago-style fix on the federal elections) demonstrates that they have become a clear and present danger to our republic. In any other industry, such malpractice and deception would not go unpunished.

End Media Corruption through Boycotts

Their treachery should not be rewarded.

Because the corrupt media are morally bankrupt, they should be made financially bankrupt as well. Much of the liberal print media is already experiencing significant financial problems due to declining subscription and advertising revenue. One of the reasons that the liberal print media selected and installed a leftist government is to take advantage of a financial “bailout” of their industry, which would inevitably result from the federal government’s expanding socialism. After all, they will argue, such “venerable institutions” as the New York Times simply cannot be allowed to fail .... can they? The government recently acquired several large financial and insurance companies, so why not media too?

Federal subsidy or ownership of large corporate-owned media will help further their agenda of socialistic one-party rule. This outcome can probably be prevented through the vigilance of patriotic Americans.

Implementing the Boycott

This effort can begin now.

First, cancel your subscriptions to corrupt media publications and, where possible, patronize news media sources that endeavor to provide balanced coverage of political events. Encourage subscribers you know to cancel their subscriptions. If they are not willing to cancel, tell them that a free or substantially lower-cost subscription can often be obtained by calling to cancel. This is because the newspapers desperately need to show circulation numbers to their advertisers. Their dirty little secret is that much of the circulation data they show advertisers is bogus. Many newspapers are being distributed for free, especially in higher income neighborhoods, in order to create the appearance of having the subscription base necessary to attract advertisers. If you have such a newspaper delivered free, call them to insist that those deliveries be discontinued. (They do not have the right to leave trash in front of your home.)

Second, identify the newspapers’ largest advertisers. Contact them to explain why you do not subscribe to the paper and why you feel they should not advertise in such a publication. Suggest alternative and more cost-effective ways for the advertiser to reach their target market. If you can, research the newspaper’s circulation data and compare it to what they are representing to potential advertisers. Point out any questionable or deceptive data in their circulation claims. Encourage advertisers to demand substantiation of their circulation claims. While it may later become necessary to boycott these advertisers, it is important that they first be made fully aware of these issues and encouraged to consider marketing alternatives.

Build Communities of Interest

Think of this as “community organizing”.

Establish a moderated blog or discussion forum focused on each corrupt media business to be targeted. It is essential that members of those communities work together to share information and strategies, identify advertisers that should be approached, and identify alternative advertising options for those advertisers. Use whatever lawful means that are most effective in your community. Join efforts with others. This must be a cooperative endeavor, not a competitive one.

No donations are necessary. Just go out there and do it. If you create an on-line boycott community, you can post it in a comment or send it to me for posting. Lists of liberal publications are provided at the end of this post (links to additional lists will be added as they become known).

To quote the President-elect, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” It’s time to stop waiting and start doing. The President-elect stated his desire to bankrupt the U.S. coal industry; instead, let’s bankrupt his enablers: the corrupt media.

Liberal media lists: